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Project Description

Project Brief

One of our sign vendors had a client that needed a logo design as quickly as possible as her business was almost ready to open and a sign had to be built. The vendor contacted LHC Marketing since he knew that we would have it done fast and up to customer expectations. LHC Marketing delivered logo design samples in less that 48 hours, final draft was done in 72 hours and final logo revision with final customer approval done in less than a week.

The Challenge

Time was a factor. The client wanted this to be done as soon as possible, since the location was getting ready to hit their opening date goal. The client wanted something that would be easy to read and draw attention without being too “showy.” The client also requested the design would work both, in full color and monochromatically, so it could be use in printed materials and uniforms.

The Solution

The client had the budget to allot for the rush service, so assigning a dedicated graphic artist to the project was not a problem and the project manager was on hand to make sure the artist was keeping up with customer requirements. Our team worked on several different conceptual designs and final samples where sent to client, who approved the final design quick and efficiently so product could be delivered within the required time for the vendor to create the sign for the customers new business location.

Conceptual Logo Mockups

The Skills Needed To Produce Brand Excellence


Our dedicated team of Graphic Artist created the design quick and efficently


Once designs were created our team creates vector images of final designs to ensure quality of final product.

Design Mockups

The mockups we created for the customer were top quality ready to use upon approval.


We build every design up to customer specifications to ensure brand recognition and the proper voice for your  business or product.

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

Superb job on design and fast turn around time. Customer was 100% satisfied with finished product.
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